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Handmade Silver jewelry

My handmade jewelry, with its unique design will give the bearer some extra brilliance and vanity.


The inspiration to my design comes from different places and situations, often new ideas come up while I work on a piece of jewelry. This must not make me impatient, as patience is always required, as well as time, in order to finish a new quality design piece of jewelry.

I like to integrate functions like locks in the design itself.

Currently I have three design lines:

Nymåne - simple natural shapes

Sommar - with inspiration from nature

Gryning - experimental


I mainly work with 925 Sterling Silver, which is the most common material for fine Silver jewelry. 925 means that the Silver consists of 92,5% Ag (Silver) and the rest Cu (Copper).

Usually I make stone embracements in pure Silver. I use many kinds of stone materials, for example turqoise, chrysscolla, lapis lazuli, sodalit, onyx, crystal, smokey quatz, amethyst, rose quartzs and black agat. I like most green, blue, violet and black stones. Sometimes I use sweet water pearls, in various colors.

To order

To order from Anna Öhrner please contact me by e-mail or telephone. State which piece you are interested in. State your name, address and contact information. Then I send you a confirmation with a reservation of the piece for you, together with information about price, payment terms and freight/postal fees.

I work and have my workshop in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
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